Tuesday, January 31, 2017

My Heart by Julie Manning (my review)

My Review

This is a beautiful, heart-wrenching, powerful book by Julie Manning.  I really took my time reading this book even though I wanted to rush through it.  There was so much to take in, I felt as if I was right there with Julie and she was personally telling me her story.

This book is a true story and it grabbed me from page 1 and didn’t let go until the end…in fact I’m still pondering over what I just read.  Julie finds herself with heart failure and every day she has to put her faith in God that she will even make it through the day.

This book is also so very precious.  As Julie shares her story with us, she includes journal entries she has written to her two young boys.  She also includes some journal pages from her own personal journals. Her story is real, raw and full of emotions.  Julie really knows how to tell a story.  I had every emotion going through me while reading this book.

I highly recommend this book and it gets 5***** from me all the way around. 

*I was on the launch team for this book, therefore I was given a copy of the book.  The opinions stated here are my own.*

To learn more about Julie and the book, you can go to her website at www.myheartbook.site


  1. This sounds like such a great book! I am adding it to my MUST READ list!

    1. It really is an excellent book and I am sooooo glad I had a chance to read it! You will love it!


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