Sunday, January 10, 2016

Ecclesiastes 3:1 (my take on this verse)

Ecclesiastes 3:1 

“There is a right time for everything.” (The Living Bible)

“There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven.” (New International Version)

Whatever season I am in, I need to remember that God is right there with me.  Whether I’m happy, sad, mad, hurt, joyful…whatever it is, I am not alone.  My heavenly Father is right by my side.

I’m in an interesting season right now.  I’m not quite sure what to call it.  My 12 year old son and 14 year old daughter went to live with their dad at the beginning of this year.  (my daughter has already been living there about a year). The reason being they both really struggled with the school’s here where I live.  Both of them had social problems, behavior problems and weren’t doing well academically at all.  The school system where their dad lives has some great programs.  My daughter is doing really well and my son…so far so good.

Deep in my heart I know this was the right decision for both of them, but that doesn’t make it easy.  I never thought I’d have an empty nest as these ages of my kids.  My heart is torn into pieces.  But I just continually pray for them that God will protect them and help them to make good choices.


*The reason I chose this verse is because it is the verse of the day for Daily Moments with God from


  1. You are a wonderful mom! You are doing what is right for your kids out of a deep, unconditional love. It would be selfish to not give them this opportunity, and you put them above your own feelings and your own heart! I am sure God is smiling down on you! You are amazing! Love you sweet sister! <3

    1. Thank you my sweet sister for your kind words...they really mean a lot. God bless you and love you too <3


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