Saturday, January 9, 2016

Deuteronomy 31:6 (my take on this verse)

Deuteronomy 31:6

“Be strong! Be courageous!  Do not be afraid of them!  For the Lord your God will be with you.  He will neither fail you nor forsake you.” (TLB)


I love this verse!  I cling to this verse.  The Lord tells us to be strong! Don’t be afraid, he says.  The Lord my God is with me always.  He will not leave me, nor fail me, nor forget me!  He is there/here with me…always.  I have nothing to fear!  So why do I worry?  Why do I fear certain things?  Because I am not perfect, I am human and I am fighting against the world.  The world we live in in a scary place. 

If I can just remember God is with me always and he is not going to let go of me!  Even with all of the millions of people in this world ~ he will not forget about me.  I am his child…a daughter of the one true king and that is something to be proud of!

When people fail me…yah it hurts, but even better…I have a God who will never fail me!  I need to remember that.  Because it will happen ~ people will fail me. They will hurt me and they will forget me.  But not God!  I need a sticky note on my forehead!!  Even during rough and terrible times God is in control ~ He is with me ALWAYS!  I need to just turn to him and there he is!

Thank you, thank you Lord for always being there and for everything you have done for me.  Thank you for keeping me safe when I made stupid decisions.  Thank you for always protecting me ~ in times when I really could have been in serious danger.  I love you Lord with my whole being and am so proud to be one of your children.  I ask you Lord to please protect my kids while they are living at their dads for now.  Please help them to hear your still small voice during times of temptation.  Thank you Lord, thank you. 

In your holy precious name, Amen


  1. I love that verse. Your post was so timely for because I have a lot that could cause me to fear. I look forward to reading more.

  2. OH thank you so much for reading and for your comment. I'm glad this post was right on time for you. God bless


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