Monday, October 12, 2015

Because I'm Broken by T.D. Hubbard (my review)

My Review

David Sean has really had a tough life growing up in an abusive family; that seemed to stem from generations back.  His granddaddy was a mean person and so was David’s daddy.  David made a promise to himself never to be like either one of them when he grew up.  He never hit a woman and he hated those who hurt women and/or children…especially his.

David and Tammy met in their early teens and dated all through high school.  This story tells everything they went through as a young couple.  They had good times but like all couples they had some hard times.  They went to church and David ended up giving his life to Christ.  They had a baby and soon after were pregnant again.

A terrible tragedy happened in this story and we are taken through David’s struggle of dealing with what happened to his family.  He wanted revenge so bad and what happens is well… you need to read the book yourself to find out. 

This was an intense and heartbreaking story but one that needed to be told.  This happens far too often in the world we live in.  This book gets 5***** from this reviewer and I am anxious to read book two in this series which is called YES YOU BROKE ME.

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