Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The Street Where the Dollar Tree Grew by Mary Ann Vitale (my review)

My Review

This author has done it again…here we have an outstanding children’s book that is perfect for bedtime or really for any time.  I believe your child will be asking you to read this one over and over.  
The Street Where the Dollar Tree Grew by Mary Ann Vitale is a beautifully illustrated and wonderful book based on what it means to give to the poor and needy.  The child in this book learns a valuable lesson on what happens when one is greedy, only thinking of themselves and not helping others.
At the end of the book were my two favorite lines from the child named Lincoln:  “I guess I learned my lesson!  Right from the beginning, I should have listened to what the old lady said!”  On the last page he said, “Truly, good things do come to those who do good to others!”

I highly recommend this book to those with young children in their lives.  I only wish I had this book when mine were little.  But even I, as an adult, am enjoying every one of these stories by this author.  5***** all the way around from this reviewer.

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