Friday, January 2, 2015

My One Word For 2015 ~ FAITHFUL

My One Word for 2015 was very difficult to choose this year.  Actually, this is the first year I have done this.  The list I started making included words such as…Diligent, Purposeful, Pray, Persevere, Overcome, Thorough, Strive, Choices, Wisdom, Faithful, Commit, Obedient, Hope and Trust.  Wow, how do I narrow this down??!!
So after thinking and praying for two days I decided my word is


F ollowing
A lways
I n
T he
H oliness of my
F ather’s
U ltimate
L ife plan

I will be faithful in following through with what I start this year.  I will be faithful in raising my children in the Lord.  I will be faithful in reading my Bible and my devotions.  I will be faithful in doing and completing my Bible studies that I am in.  I will be a faithful friend, mother, daughter, sister, granddaughter, and niece.  I will be faithful to do my best in everything I do this year and I will do it in the name of the Lord.

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