Thursday, January 15, 2015

Five Minute Friday ~Send

The word for this week’s Five Minute Friday is SEND.  Wow all kinds of things are filling my head as I sit here and start writing for 5 minutes.  The main thing I’m thinking of here is sending a wish to someone; whether it be their birthday or not, it is a good thing to send someone something.

Everyone likes to get stuff.  Today we are inundated with email and other social media.  Why not send an actual letter for someone’s birthday or on a holiday this year.  You never know, it could be their last.  And I know that if I got a card in the mail I would be thrilled.

So I think the best thing I can say is send that card, send that wish; even if it’s by a phone call.  People don’t talk on the phone like they used to because of texting.  How nice it would be for someone to actually make a phone call on someone’s birthday and sing them the birthday song.  Wow, now that really might make a difference.

Okay stop.


  1. Love your post: a great reminder. Poignant, for me, too, as I remember my Gran who always used to phone us and sing us Happy Birthday before we'd even got out of bed eager, was she, that we should hear her voice and hear the love she had for us.

  2. There's nothing quite like that sort of connection - the sound of the voice, or the ink that came out of the pen they were holding... we do need to get nearer to people. That said, your words have touched me today! Even by blogging.


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