Friday, August 22, 2014

Devotional for August 22, 2014 from God's Daily Promises for Women

The devotional today comes from God’s Daily Promises for Women, and is for August 22. 


          “Every day you face choices between right and wrong, God’s way or the way of the world.  It takes practice to choose God’s way, and it takes conviction to keep practicing.  Be tenacious about not letting Satan gain any territory in your heart.  Commit yourself to winning even the “little” battles.  With the help of God’s Holy Spirit, your life will be a great story of faith in God.”

This is what I try to do, be thankful for the “little” battles that happen.  Even though they seem little, they matter too.  It is really hard especially this day and age to remain faithful to God.  There are so many temptations out there but it is important for me that I stay focused.  I do what I can and I am just so thankful that we have a loving a caring, forgiving God. 
Lord I need you
Receive you
Forgive me
I’m yours
Lord I love you
Believe you
Take me
For yours
Lord I thank you
Praise you
Having me
All yours

© 2014 Shannan Lee Williams

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  1. what happened to my comment???? i hope my "life will be a great story of faith in God.” i like your page set up


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