Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Proverbs 31 Bible Study Limitless Life #4 SHARE IT: Let’s Hear Your Story

As I read chapter 1 of Limitless Life by Derwin L. Gray, it really hit home for me.  Chapter 1 talks about labels that are on us.  For example, throughout my life some of my labels of myself are:  rejection, abandonment, insecure, fear…the list just goes on.  Well because of the freedom I have with Jesus Christ I do not need to live with the labels anymore.  He can and will heal me from the labels I have placed on myself. 

One label that I dealt with as I finished chapter 1 is the fear of rejection.  I have one book of poetry published that really hasn’t had very good sales.  Am I disappointed?  Yes I am.  But all I can do is keep pushing through and advertise as much as I possibly can to get more sales.  In saying that, I felt led a few months ago (April 2014 actually) to write a book of devotions.  Well I have put it off because of the fear of rejection.  However, reading this chapter I decided to put that feeling aside and be Courageous and write the book.  I wrote 4 pages that night.  I already feel so much better and relieved that I am pursuing the dream that God put on my heart.  I know that He has called me to do this book and I feel really blessed to be writing it.  I can only hope and pray that my readers will be blessed as well. 

The other labels I have of myself will take a bit more time to work through, but I will work on them one at a time.  I know that God can heal me and give me freedom from these labels, and I am counting on Him to do just that.
He can heal you too from your destructive labels, you just need to reach out to Him.
Best Wishes and lots of prayers,

Shannan Lee


  1. rejected by people--not by God--and not by the people who really love you. i'm thankful this book is helping you deal with undeserved negativity.

  2. Wow Shannan I love your testimony of turning that FEAR of rejection around and allowing the Lord to speak to you and spur you on to act with COURAGE!

  3. I love how you said though you have many labels you are working on them one at a time. You don't have to be "fixed" all at once. It's a great reminder that small steps are still moving in the right direction, towards the heart of God.

  4. Good job and I look forward to reading more of your work. It takes courage to continue.

  5. Rejection is also a label I experience. Having to be perfect. Through Christ I take each encounter to Him to see what I can learn Bout myself and to counter the lie that I am not good enough. Eph 3:16-19 has long been my life goal.


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