Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Lower Your Nets- Blog Hop Week 5 What Happens When Women Say Yes to God

Blog Hop #2 Question- Lower Your Nets:  “Simon Peter had no idea that his obedience to something that seemed so small and insignificant could help him discover his calling in life, but it did!  What little thing is God asking of you today?”

God is asking me to stop being a freelance writer/ghostwriter and work on my own writing.  I have a clear confirmation from God about this.  Doors were closing and my work that I was doing for these companies was being rejected constantly.  So after praying and asking God what He wanted me to do, I felt a very strong nudging that He wanted me to focus on my poetry.  I had never written poetry in my life!!!  But apparently I have a knack for it, so I’m going for it.  I have received lots of great feedback on many of my poems and am now working on a book.  I’m trying to have it out for the holidays so the pressure is on, but I feel confident that I can do this.  The Lord is with me and He is behind me pushing me on.  So I know I will be fine and everything will work out, even when I start to stress.  He is there to calm me and keep me at peace.  Praise God!  He is such a wonderful God and I am so glad to be called His child.

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