Thursday, August 29, 2013

Life Interupted- Blog Hop for Week 4 Bible Study What Happens When Women Say Yes to God

When I did the Stressed Less Bible Study last time I was going through some severe health problems; some even landed me in the hospital for a few days.  There were days I could not even walk or barely get out of bed.  I could no longer take my son to school and thank God his school worked with me and got him on the bus.  It was a very stressful time. 
Well I finally surrendered to God when we were talking about, Facing our Giants and wrote out this prayer.  I prayed this prayer over and over and I will share it with you now:   “Lord I truly believe that you are sovereign and capable of handling my problems.  I surrender my health over to you.  Whatever your will is may that be done.  Help me to accept whatever is to be the outcome regarding my health.  Lord I put my trust in you and I know that you know what’s best for me.  I praise you and thank you.  Amen.”
My health and the pain didn’t really go away, nor did it get better.  I think in some places it got worse!!  But I had accepted the way things were and just did my best day to day to get by.  Then I started this What Happens When Women Say Yes to God Bible study a few weeks ago. 
I felt God talking to me all over the place!  I had never experienced this before so I was really tripping out!  Everything happening around me was coming together like never before, and I was even led to tears on so many occasions because I just couldn’t believe what was happening.  I said yes to God that I would follow Him and do whatever He asked.  I said, “I’m yours, Lord.”  I couldn’t even eat for almost2 weeks, was just drinking water! It was crazy!  I was telling everyone and then my swelling in my feet and legs started to go down.  (which was a miracle in itself).
Well on the 21st of this month something amazing, that I was not expecting, happened.  I ran into a man from my past (from 10 years ago!!) and it has been an answer to prayer for both of us.  It has totally been from God (not a doubt in either of our minds) that we are an answer to each other’s prayers. My family remembers him and is thrilled, my kids are thrilled about him; he is thrilled about my kids.  Everything is coming together.  We have some hurdles to cross but we both agree with God at the head of our relationship we will make it. 

It’s just amazing what God can do when you put your trust in Him and surrender to Him.  


  1. Shannan, I am so happy that you have surrendered every part of your life to our loving Father. Keep your eyes fixed on Him and trust in His goodness. We don't know the future, but our God does. Continue to pray in earnest surrender each day and #StickWithIt.

    Barbara Prince
    OBS Small Group Leader/Prayer Warrior Team

  2. Thank you for your kind words. Yes I am surrendering each day and sticking with it!! Amen!

  3. It is amazing what he can do when we surrender and let go. So glad that your relationship is headed by God. Blessings to you and your family.
    OBS Small Group Leader


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