Thursday, June 27, 2013

Priority List for Bible Study Week 12 (last entry for stressed less Bible study)

Putting God first has been an issue for me.  Sounds TERRRIIIBBLLLEE doesn’t it???  Yes, it does, but it is true, and that could be the reason I have so many issues!!  I strive so hard to get closer to God and wake up each day saying, “Ok, this is the day I’m going to do it.  I’m going to read my Bible first, do my devotions, pray…  I’m going to be all over it.  But something ALWAYS happens. 
I am a list person.  If I don’t write it down, it doesn’t get done, no matter what it is.  So I started writing down, Jesus time too.  I make a list sometime in the night for the next day, (or even start during the current day, for the next day) and I put read Bible, do devotions, pray right on that list.  You may think that’s weird but that’s what works for me.  I put “Jesus time” throughout my list in random places (yes I usually have big lists).  They don’t ever always get done, but still everything has to be written down.  Because one day I might actually get to everything.

I know what a difference it makes in my life when I don’t have Jesus time.  I’m in a bad mood, I’m cranky, more tired.  Things just don’t’ go well overall.  When I’m in the word regularly (like so many of these ladies in this Bible study have suggested), it makes all the difference in the world for me.  I feel better about myself and I am able to handle things better.

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  1. Amen sister!! I LOVE that you put "Jesus Time" throughout your list! How awesome is that. What a blessing that we CAN go to Him anytime, anywhere about anything!!! And I so agree with you, if I don't have my "Jesus Time" my day just isn't them same! Keep it up girl! Hope to see you around during the next study!!


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