Wednesday, April 3, 2013

When Will I Learn

Tonight I’d like to discuss something different but close to my heart.  I know a lot of people go through and I ‘m hoping to get some advice.  Here’s my questions:  How do you not bring up the past with your ex and not throw it in his/her face time and time again??? When will I learn to keep my mouth shut? Does anyone have any advice? How do I bite my tongue? Knowing it's going to cause a fight why would I purposely say certain things to provoke him? Does anybody else have this problem and can help???
I am a Christian and I truly forgave him a few years ago.  However he can make me so mad and bring out the absolute worst in me.  I don’t know how to let it go completely and not bring it up again and again.  I am interested to see how other people handle these types of situations.

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