Monday, March 25, 2013

A Bit of a Change

     I've been getting some really great feedback on writing.  I've also been looking at other people's blogs and they don't look anything like mine.  Yes I do like to be original, but I don't like to do things wrong.  There is a difference.  I've decided to put the autobiography on hold for now and concentrate more on a devotional aspect. 
     I have two children who have special needs.  My daughter who is 12 has severe anxiety, depression and borderline personality disorder.  My son who is 9 has Autism.  It has been quite the journey being a single mom dealing with these issues. I will be working on a devotional type book about my journey and hope to help others that are going through this same type of thing.  It's been a tough road (and still is).  There has been many tears of joy and sadness; lot's of ups and downs.  We manage to get through it all with God's help.  Without Him, there is no way I would be sitting here writing right now.  So I give all the praise to the Lord for helping me along the way.

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  1. one day at a time.....with God all things are possible..


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