Mar 13, 2017

Day 13 Slice of Life

Day 13

Wow, I have missed the last 3 days and boy did I really miss you all.  I have been struck by migraine city and it really took its toll on me.  I just couldn’t get myself to get on the computer and write a blog post.  I’m feeling better today.  It’s still there, hanging on…but for the most part I do have some relief. So I’ve written another poem.  This one is called Lost, because that is how I feel so much of the time.  I just have no idea what to write.  I hope you enjoy it…


Trying to find my way
Walking around in circles
Don’t really know which way to go
Trying to write
All I get is a blank
A blinking cursor
Staring back at me
Daring me to type something
Will it be good enough
To share with others
Or one to shove away
In the drawer
With all of the rest
That didn’t pass
The test of sharing
I really hope
That all is not lost
For writing
Is what I do
It’s how I let out my emotions
Whether happy or sad
Hoping to inspire
Others along the way
To pour out their hearts
Their inner souls
Finding the way to peace
Through our words
Well at least I took a chance
On this white screen
That dared to challenge me
Feel like I can breathe again
Whether good or bad
I’ve finally let it out

©  Shannan Lee Williams

Until tomorrow…

Mar 9, 2017

Day 9 Slice of Life

Day 9

So it appears that not only am I becoming a late night slicer but a last minute slicer!  These last two nights have almost passed me by. 

Today I wrote a poem about a broken friendship.  It’s really sad I’ll warn you, but I needed to get the words out.  A person whom I thought was my best friend…we couldn’t make it when push came to shove.  And…I guess that’s ok.  People come into our lives for certain seasons and that’s that.  It may not last more than the season that it’s supposed to (I really hope that made sense). So I decided to share this poem tonight.  Here goes…

So Called Friend

We’d been through a lot
Knew absolutely everything about each other
Best friends
At least that’s what I thought
When it came down to it
When push came to shove
You left me emptied and used
Left me hanging and confused
I thought we would stand the test of time
But there I was
Like a leaf left out in the rain
Soggy and wet
Then crispy and wrinkled
Someone walked on by
And on me they trampled
Crushed me into tiny pieces
That is what you did to me
I guess you did me a favor
A blessing in disguise
For what I didn’t realize
Was how much you put on me
You brought me down
Where was the sun
It had been gone too long
Because putting up with you
Left me dragging in the dark
The truth is
As the saying goes
“You never know who your true friends are
Until you are in need
You’ll be surprised who shows up”
So thanks for letting me know
That you are not
That kind of friend.

© 2017 Shannan Lee Williams

Until tomorrow…

Mar 8, 2017

Day 8 Slice of Life

Day 8

Wow, I almost let this day slip right on by without posting on my blog.  I think I barely have enough time to write up a quick post, and link it.  I’m tired, I’m exhausted. It’s been one of those days.  I cleaned all the veggies then I prepared a couple of meals for this 21 day sugar and carb fast that I am participating in.  I’m really only on day 2 because the 6th (which was day 1) was a disaster.  But tonight was a meatloaf full of veggies and creamy herb cauliflower.  It was really good!  It was a monster of a meal to make but I was very pleased with it. I actually have to go look in a minute and see what I’m eating for tomorrow so I can be prepared. 

One thing I have learned these last 2 days, when eating whole foods, preparation is key.  Well I guess it’s that way with anything you make but these meals seem way more intense to me. Anyway I hope everyone had a good day and that we all get a good nights sleep.  I know I’m looking forward to one.

Until tomorrow…